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About Us
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Director:Zhongjie Lin

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I plant is the production of military precision ball, though our enterprises, but very pure, quantity is little, but the quality is excellent. Our products are superior quality and walk. The competition is our quality, our goal is the world first-class ball. We experienced 20 years of development, the starfish "quality", became the ball ball industry brand of famous enterprises, enter the military and aerospace, aviation, this is our people proud. Starfish
In the collection, and not to the person, can ZeRen advantage. With our fine (high), dilute (industry production (rare), military supporting), (special material, special specification), cast (reached world-class, completely replace imported) as foothold, with technology innovation, no best, only better, Based on scientific management, in order to ensure the first-class products quality, Honesty and mutual affinity "for the purpose, cultivate first-class market and high quality customer.
I believe that, with a "ball", can the starfish "for bearing provide appreciation opportunity."

Let us win-win!

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