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About Us
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Director:Zhongjie Lin
About Us
Wenzhou Zhongte Steel Ball Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful scenery of the bay, founded in 1988 shacheng industrial production sites, reach 5500 square meters, with a history of more than 20 years of production of miniature ball professional manufacturers. After years of production accumulated a wealth of marketing, product development, quality management experience. Main production "starfish" brand series precision ball, magnetic alloys of military ball bearing steel, stainless steel ball etc. Our factory with more than 10 billion ball granule, the product specification for 0.5 ~ 1/2 "mm, precision in the G5 ~ G10 level. Products are widely used in aviation industry, military equipment, automobile industry, precision instrument, bearings, computers, air-conditioners, instrumentation, motorcycle, medical equipment and food machinery, etc. Products sold throughout the country and exported to Europe and America, Britain, Germany, France and other countries.

Wenzhou Zhongte Steel Ball Co., Ltd. will rely on the abundant technical strength, advanced detection means, and scientific management methods and perfect quality system, in line with "sincerity, mutual affinity" operating principles, for the domestic and foreign customers to provide quality products and services. Our factory with honesty and quality for implementation of brand strategy, and finally become the starfish "domestic well-known brand" steel. We strictly according to ISO9001:2008 international quality system standard, and the method of continuous control process, strictly control the production, high precision, high quality products, and "starfish" brand.
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Add:Wenzhou longwan shacheng yongfu puhedonglu 21. Zip:325025
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